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Why I Stopped Watermarking My Food Photographs

Like most food bloggers, I want to do everything I can to stop thieves from stealing my photography and using it on their own websites. After all, if I take the time shop for ingredients, cook, set up lighting, shoot, and edit my photos, it seems only reasonable that I would get to enjoy the sole benefit of their use on the internet, without worrying about some unscrupulous jerk stealing the pictures and posting them all over the place.

Like many food bloggers, I have been watermarking my photos with a small, unobtrusive text link that mentioned my website’s name, rendered at about 30% opacity so as not to detract from the beauty and composition of the photograph. I’ve been doing that for about two years, and I’m going to stop. Here are my reasons why:

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What Restaurants Should Understand About Review Sites


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Interviewed: Allison Day of Fridgg.com

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