5 Tips for Overcoming Food Writer’s Block

Writers block. It happens to the best of us from time to time. Nothing is worse then sitting down after a busy day, wanting to share those new cupcakes, and having no way to cleverly introduce them to the world. Sometimes I just work through it, but often when I look back on those posts, I am disappointed in what I have written.

I am not very good at always having a story to match the dish I am featuring, but some solutions I have found seem to help me to always have new ideas at my fingertips.

  1. Keep a scratch pad with you. I have one in my car, my purse, my laptop bag. There’s always one nearby. I jot down small topic starters, food ideas, and other inspirations that I find throughout the day. Alternatively, you can use a note keeping or voice memo app on your smart phone. I just like the feel of pen and paper.
  2. Keep multiple posts flowing in your “pending drafts” section. I have several posts going at all times, not including the massive amount of recipes I have prepped as drafts as well. At the beginning of the week, I jot down the food I’m featuring, and then I take a look at my pending drafts. Sometimes there’s something that fits, sometimes not. But it’s a great way for me to get ideas.
  3. Move your writing time to another part of the day. Trying to post every night wasn’t working for me. I felt rushed, and hated the time it took away from my social life. Once I moved my writing time, things just started to flow better for my posts.
  4. Don’t be afraid to trash a post. Just like a bad recipe, some things just need to be dumped in the trash can, and the surface wiped clean. If it’s not working, doesn’t feel real or quite right, trash it. Starting over from scratch can be a good choice from time to time.
  5. Find inspiration elsewhere. Lastly, when things are really getting rough and you must have something posted, revisit old posts, or cruise Pinterest. Or better still, go for a walk, or read a magazine. Redirect your train of thought, and don’t focus too hard on the project.

Don’t write when it’s too forced. It’s stifling, and your frustration can show in your work. Be proud of everything you write, even if it’s not a moving post. Remember, food blogging is a fun hobby. It’s something we do because we enjoy it. If the words don’t flow from your fingertips tonight, and that post doesn’t go up until tomorrow, it’s ok. Readers will still be there. Like a good soup, sometimes the words just need to mingle in your mind for a bit before they are right for the page.

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  1. I wish my problems were lack of inspiration. I would love to stop working so I can get all the words backed up in my head onto my blog.

    I’m so glad I found your site, I’m sure I can learn heaps from you!

  2. Rebecca Hills 7 years ago

    Some great tips – thank you!

  3. Pots and Patterns 6 years ago

    lovely post. Thanks for sharing 🙂